Thursday, November 1, 2012

1. P - This Book Contains Product Placement

There aren't many people who can honestly say that they have been held at gunpoint by 'Britain's Most Popular Entertainer' (Copyright LTV 2010). I'm sure a few have been used as ransom by a B list comedian or mugged by an out of work magician, but that's probably about it.

In fact it was so unexpected that the very same newspapers who devote 20 pages to celebrity gossip and pictures of pop stars with their cellulite didn't even take it seriously enough to print. If I'd have really wanted it to get out there perhaps I could have left the story on the answer machine of a minor royal, that might have done the trick.

Maybe if I made the most of it I could get onto the reserve list for I'm a Celebrity, Where's My Cheque', or at least have a few panel show appearances.

They key thing in this businesses is momentum, if you're gone for a year then you might as well be gone forever, excluding novelty and retro value of course. This often drives some people to spend their entire lives doing one thing in order to stay in work, a way of life I can never understand. Though no offence is intended to the Chuckle Brothers.

You don't win a lifetime of popularity by being a one trick pony however, and the ability to do more than one job well has stood many entertainers in good stead for their entire lives.

Sadly though, sometimes the pressure and expectation at the very top level can take its toll on stars, leading them to make bad choices in the heat of the moment. Few true stars go through their career without at least one sketchy moment, and the star of our show is no different.

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